Bullnose Chisel in Use

I had a log of Cherry milled at an angle to produce elliplical slabs for small coffee tables. Becasuse of milling them this way, the slabs have natural edges all the way around. Also, the tops and bottoms are all end grain. After kiln drying, I jointed, planed and rough sanded them. To remove those marks, I used one of my new bullnose chisels. This avoided further sanding. Texturing the surface of this slab took about an hour, and that was end grain of kiln dried cherry! Texturing a slab of dry cherry with the new fishtail bullnose chisel.

If you look closely, you can see the subtle scallopted texture. Even fine steel wool would leave behind a rougher surface than this. Nothing like a good knife finish! Showing the texture marks on this table top of cherry.