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Artists' Carvings

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Whimsical or serious, small or large, novice or advanced, in process or finished--pictures of my customers' carvings are here. Feel welcome to send pictures (digital or prints) of your work for me to post here. Please include your name and city and any pertinent information you would like included.

Tim Guy   Huntington, Indiana
hand carved wooden bowl 1 hand carved wooden bowl 2 hand carved wooden bowl 3 hand carved wooden bowl 4
hand carved wooden spoon 5 hand carved wooden spoon 6 hand carved wooden spoon 7 hand carved wooden spoon 8
wood carvings by Tim Guy
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Artists' Carvings
Decorative Ironwork

Robert Johnson  Seattle, Washington
totem pole carving wood mask carving
wood rattle wood rattle carving
rattle carving wood mask
wood bowl carving wooden bowl
wooden rattle carving of wood mask
wooden mask carving bentwood box
wood carvings by Robert Johnson

Ann  Waldron, Washington
woman carving carving of wooden boat
carving of wooden boat hand carved wooden box
carving of wooden boat carving of wooden spoon
carving of wooden box wood box

Brett McFarland  Waldron, Washington
carving of wooden plaque carving of wooden chair
woodcarving of totem pole carving of beach chair
raven wood carving hand carved canoe paddles
wood door carving carving of wooden canoe paddles
carving of wooden mask hand carved mask
carving of wooden box wood plaque carving
wood carvings by Brett McFarland

Joseph Hebert  Gueydan, Louisiana
carving of wooden figure carving of wooden figure 2

carving of wooden rabit

carving of wooden crab carving of wooden horse
carving of wooden horse 2 wood carving of a figure
wood carving of Christ on the cross wood carving of a ram
wood carving of a turtle hand carved rocking horse
wood carvings by Joseph Hebert

Wilfried Vonderbank  Seelscheid, GERMANY
totem pole carving wood carving of an owl
wood carving of a plaque wooden bow and arrows
wood plaque carving wood mask carving
wooden mask bent wood box
wood carving of a mask wood mask carving
wood carvings by Wilfried Vonderbank

Loretta Joseph  British Columbia, CANADA
wood bowl carving wood bowl and knife carving
wood mask carving hand carved wooden spoons
wood snakes carving bark face carving
snakes in bowl carving bark eagle carving
wood fun shapes carving wood leaves carving
wood carvings by Robert Johnson

Dagmar Winzer  Hannover, Germany
Dagmar holding a wooden mask wood sculpture carving
wood sculpture carving,2 totem pole
woman figure carving wood sculpture carving,3
wood mask wood mask carving
wood sculpture carving 4 wood maks carving
wood rabbits carving wood paddle
wood carvings by Dagmar Winzer

My carving knives are intended for serious wood carvers. They are razor sharp and can be very dangerous if used improperly. Please be careful and don't allow young people to use them unsupervised.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you have a problem of any kind with one of my knives, please let me know. I will make it right with you.

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