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It is surprisingly easy to sharpen these curves blades. All you need is a piece of clean leather glued onto a metal or wood dowel. I use contact cement and glue the smooth side of the leather onto the dowel, so the rouge holds onto the courser side of the leather better. It is the rouge that does the cutting, so it is important to frequently rub more onto the leather.
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  1.3 MB video clip showing how to sharpen a bent knife.   All of my curved blades (bent knives, scorps, drawknives, adzes) are sharpened on the concave side with a strop like this. One of the secrets to sharpening is to do it often. Don't wait until it is noticeably hard to carve. Take a break every hour or so to give the blade a few strokes with the strop (with rouge rubbed onto it). As the video shows - take a few firm strokes moving the strop away from the edge, not into it, at an angle a few degrees up from the main bevel. Go at it very slowly at first. The convex side of the blade can be stropped with a flat strop. If more aggressive sharpening is needed, a piece of very fine wet/dry sandpaper (400 to 800 grit) can be tightly wrapped around a dowel and used in the same way. Follow that up with the leather strop and rouge.
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My carving knives are intended for serious wood carvers. They are razor sharp and can be very dangerous if used improperly. Please be careful and don't allow young people to use them unsupervised.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you have a problem of any kind with one of my knives, please let me know. I will make it right with you.

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