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Adze Recommendations

I consider the bowl adze a specialized tool for bowl making. For those interested in a more general use adze I would suggest the more versatile and less expensive elbow adzes, discussed below

The gutter adzes, with their cupped edges, are best for aggressive removal of wood, cutting cross grain and hollowing out. I recommend most people start with the small gutter adze. For people not accustomed to swinging an adze for an extended period or whose wrists and forearms might appreciate a lighter tool, the small gutter adze is a joy to use. The large adzes weigh about 11 ounces, the small ones are about 7 ounces. The large gutter adze is intended for the more serious woodcarver, who will not be bothered by the heavier weight of a tool that will certainly hog off more wood at the end of the day

The two straight adzes are both flat. However, because of their curved edges, there is a small amount of cup along their edges. So their cutting action on a flat board is forgiving and more of a shallow scoop than a straight edge cut like a plane iron would make. The straight adzes are best for texturing poles and flat surfaces. They are great for "cutting-to-the-line" quickly and accurately.

If you are a bit confused about which adze might be best to purchase, please don't hesitate to contact me. I may be able to make your decision easier by convincing you to buy a chain-saw instead!

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My carving knives are intended for serious wood carvers. They are razor sharp and can be very dangerous if used improperly. Please be careful and don't allow young people to use them unsupervised.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you have a problem of any kind with one of my knives, please let me know. I will make it right with you.

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